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Sapheon Acquired by Covidien

SANTA ROSA -- Sapheon Inc., a maker of venous disease treatments formerly based in Santa Rosa, has been sold to Covidien, a global health care company based in Dublin, Ireland.

Covidien had 2013 revenue of about $10 billion. Details of the deal were not disclosed.

“If left untreated, varicose veins can progress into a chronic and life threatening condition,” said Mark Turco, M.D., chief medical officer, Vascular Therapies, Covidien, in a statement. “The VenaSeal system is a minimally invasive technology, and unlike open surgery and other more invasive procedures, patients are often able to quickly regain their lifestyle.”

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  • King Technology Ventures

    King Technology Ventures (KTV)* is a program designed to benefit society by promoting the transformation of cutting-edge technological research into practical and marketable devices in general and the healthcare community in particular. KTV represents a substantial commitment on the part of the Foundation to support basic socially beneficial research, product prototype development, and the initial start-up requirements of the entrepreneurial business community. KTV has a 100% success rate in the incubation of biomedical device companies from concept, to initial prototype development, to company incorporation, and company independence. These companies are: 

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  • Asian Medicinal Botanicals

    Asian Medicinal Botanicals (AMB) is a program designed to benefit society by promoting research in the area of traditional Asian and Chinese herbal medicine. Asian medicine embraces acupuncture, herbology, and a variety of body-oriented therapies. AMB is an outgrowth of the University of Northern California Community Acupuncture Clinic. Through the Clinic, the UNC Foundation has a twenty-five-year history in supporting acupuncture and Asian medicine research and practice. 

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  • Enhancement of Community and Individual Resilience

    Soft Technologies are concerned with human and social factors that facilitate human flexibility, encourage human initiatives, and emphasize human needs through research and education.  The UNC Foundation supports soft technologies dedicated to providing a collaborative hub for innovative research and advocacy in the realms of lifestyle, health, and resilience for individuals and communities. The soft technology education and research programs currently sponsored by the UNC Foundation fall under the program heading of: 

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