The UNC Foundation works in collaboration with organizations dedicated to providing a collaborative hub for innovative research and advocacy in the realms of lifestyle, health, and resilience for individuals and communities. Currently, the soft technology education and research programs sponsored by the UNC Foundation fall under the program heading of:

  • Enhancement of Community and Individual Resilience, which operates as a joint collaboration with LifeWiseU and LiveLifeResources. The programs promote research and advocacy for the empowerment of people and communities in becoming more resilient through integrative approaches to food, nutrition, and lifestyle wellness.

LLR and LifeWiseU

LiveLifeResources (LLR) is a 501(c)(3) not for profit educational organization committed to socially beneficial research, education, and advocacy. Our research aims to advance understanding of the traits and characteristics that contribute to resilience and other life-enhancing potential within individuals, families, and communities.

Through collaboration with aligned entities, LLR is committed to providing a collaborative hub dedicated to innovative research, advocacy, and education in the realms of resilience and life-enhancement.


Providing research, education, and advocacy intended to empower individuals, families, and communities in the cultivation and growth of resilience. 


To be pioneers in engineering a research oriented, scholar/practitioner driven, collaborative hub of aligned institutions and organizations; generating and sharing information in hopes of innovating individual and community resilience.

LiveLifeResources utilizes a multidisciplinary approach to non-medical research, many of our studies occur in collaboration with partner institutions.